when one is referred to as a "P" that is how drug dealers commonly reference and/or address their customers. More often than not, dealers use the term "P" while talking to or discussing clients that they are somewhat fond of and/or are frequent/familiar customers.
"Ey man I'll be there 15 minutes after I meet up wit my P right quick."
by O Dawg Da Count September 21, 2014
The 16th letter of the alphabet.
Pesticide starts with P.
by Janessa S. August 30, 2008
Short for "powwder," in reference to cocaine. Used almost exclusively by those affiliated with Three 6 Mafia and the Hypnotize Camp Posse. While some believe the "P" used in many rap songs is referring to "pills", it is made very clear in many of Three 6 Mafia's older albums that this is not the case. See example.
"Chorus 4x
Smoke, smoke, smoke dat weed
Smoke, smoke, smoke dat weed
Drank, Drank, drank that liquor
Pop them pills, snort that P"
-Juicy J "Smoke Dat Weed"
by HCPDJPAUL June 12, 2006
‘page #__’. Spelled also as ‘pg.’ or ‘pg’. Otherwise always followed by a period. Plural form: pp.(‘page numbers__-to-__’\‘pages suchnsuch-to-suchnsuch’) or ‘pgs’.
Her Algebra I homework was to solve math problems #s 1-20 even on p.34 and 19-35 odd on pp.35-36.
by Victor Van Styn October 02, 2005
used in online multiplayer gaming sites to refer to your "partner"

sometimes p just means friend
"Good game p, I knew we'd beat them"
by gazingupwards May 01, 2008
A slang term for positive.
Friend 1: Man, I got fired from my job. I feel terrible.
Friend 2: Aw man, keep on the p, you hated getting up so early in the morning.
Friend 1: You right, I gotta keep it on the p. Thanks bro!
by Oakland Girl May 26, 2008
Mahu (Homosexual, Hawai'i) slang for lovely, nice, pretty, satisfactory.

"P" is like, a spoken POSITIVE SIGN.

Older forms: P-ella
"Wow she so P yea!"
"P her makeup this evening."
"He's a P teacher."
by Mahealani May 04, 2008

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