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8 definitions by Falcon4

(very) Short for the word "pretty". Used anywhere "pretty" would be used as a modifier for an adjective.

Thought to have originated on Flamebate, the Forumwarz forums.
That's p cool.
You're p dumb.
She's p hot.
Yeah, I'm p much out of ideas.
by Falcon4 December 13, 2008
Some dumb bullshit the Urban Dictionary developers thought up to try boosting their tags system. Even though the tags system holds no relevance in the site, and some words have no 5 related words (like p), you still have to bullshit up 5 related words.

Right up there with "Location", which nobody in their right mind would ever honestly fill out.
Tags should be at least five related words, separated by commas.
by Falcon4 December 13, 2008
Taken from the "Mc"-based spelling of most menu items at McDonalds (e.g. McChicken, McFlurry), a McJob is what a McDonald's employee has.

Contrary to popular definition, jobs at McDonald's are not low paying nor dead-end - from the looks of things they've really shaped up, since it's the only thing a high school or college GRADUATE can get these days. Even if you're an experienced PHP programmer, video editor, and computer technician, the best job you can get these days is "flippin' burgers" at McDonald's.

Of course, the term applies to an employee of any fast food restaurant, though the slang term now applies less to McDonald's employees, but more to farm workers, immigrants, and other people who can do nothing more than bang their chest and grunt. They get McJobs. Not McDonald's employees. ^-^
"d00d, jack has a Mcjob!"
"Does he work at McDonald's?"
"um yeah?"
"The he has a job. What do you do?"
*dusts off grass* "pick grapes!"
"You have a McJob."
"ohhhh, no i does not!!!!i!i!!11oneone"
by Falcon4 March 28, 2005
A movie that hasn't yet been shot.

(Also, of course, T9's subliminal message that's supposed to make you think that books are actually cool. Because book comes before cool. Yeah. Right.)
d00d did yuo read that book "snapbox"?

lol wtf? book? wait for the movie n00b.
by Falcon4 April 05, 2007
To fuck oneself.

Commonly used combined with the word "Go", as in "Go auto-copulate", best used in a polite tone as opposed to an aggressive one - e.g. "Please go auto-copulate".
noob: wtf hax yuo aer cheting how u can be so gooD1!?!
pwnerer: Please go auto-copulate.
noob: wat?
pwnerer: Go FUCK YOURSELF.
by Falcon4 April 12, 2007
A cheap rip-off "Nintendo" console/device that plays Nintendo or Nintendo-esque 8-bit games. Usually comes in extremely cheap packaging, is never found in retail stores, and runs on AA batteries with A/V outputs on the device.
dude 1: Dude, go play your Pretendo and shut up.
dude 2: I'll kick your ass at a game of Pac-Man...
dude 1: Mario Brothers.
dude 2: You're on.
dude 1: Well, as soon as you find it in this list of 76,000 duplicate games...
by Falcon4 October 07, 2006
/*SIN*/gu/lar/ (n.)

The singular most irritating cell phone provider on the planet.

They're eating up cell phone companies like candy and turning the old company's great service into the CINGULAR CROCK OF SHIT.

All service representatives are well trained in the arts of the "NO". No, there's nothing wrong with your ten-thousand-dollar bill. Yes, your phone dialed Jamaica for 10 hours by accident, but that's not our fault *cough*. Yes we have shitty featureless phones. Yes we overcharge for data usage. BUT THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION? NO, WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU, GIVE US YOUR MONEY.

A good-for-nothing monopolizing company that cares about as much about you as Microsoft does.

Add that to the fact that Cingular has the CINGLE worst quality of ANY provider in the world, even though they have swallowed more cell companies than I care to think about, and you have no arguement about the worst cell phone provider in the world.

Cingular C'uks.
Hey Dan, you got a cell phone?
ACCK! It's Cingular! I'll just use a pay phone. No thanks.
by Falcon4 June 03, 2005