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A big ol black wiener, thats on fire
whodi son what the fuck is an oscar meyer?
by makaveli March 23, 2003
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(verb) a sexual act similar to tit-fucking, only using the cheeks of the fuckee's ass instead. a wiener on a bun, in other words
by Beef50677 April 03, 2014
a big black dick
You lookin for a hot boy? Girl i got that fire, holla at a nigga if u want that oscar meyer!!!!!!!
by DALLAS CHICK 2004 March 10, 2004
The feeling you've seen this bologna before.
Dad: Why didn't you do the dishes? Son: I forgot. Dad: Definitely feeling some Oscar Meyer.
by Problematique February 03, 2009
a big old black weena
-you gonna back it up?
-I dont back shit up, im just gonna wave around my big old osca meya.
by Anonymous May 24, 2003

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