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one who denies any involvment in drunken activities
Dude, he's meyering the whole party
by m May 22, 2004
125 52
The richest farmers in the world.
God, do you see those Meyers and their new pickups?
by Sven Svedal September 19, 2006
91 59
1) Noun: A person, place, or thing that at first glance seems terrible; but upon closer inspection is quite exceptional.
2) Verb: utterly destroy; esp. if something of exquisite value is hidden in the rubble.
1) Noun: That car's a lemon. A meyer lemon.
2) Verb: The plan was to meyer the building, unaware of the secret Delacroix paintings stashed in the basement.
by Micromegas January 25, 2008
33 22
Meyer: Verb (mah-yer)
To stand around and continue to move conversation, not allowing one to leave when they would like.
It took them 30 minutes to leave the restaurant because they kept meyering, talking at the table, by the door and by their cars.
by vertigo89711 October 10, 2010
7 7
verb, -Meyered, -Meyering
1. To renege on an agreement, especially a bet.

1. One who reneges on agreements.
Yo, this fool is not paying me for the horse bet. I think he is trying to Meyer me.
by vandalet September 03, 2009
11 19
The abdsolute worst possible outcome possible given the current situation
Looking at his friends smashed car, Kevin turned and commented, "Sorry dude, that's a real meyer."
by johnnytaboo June 18, 2005
34 52
1. One who prefers to lick on a rectal thermometer.
2. or wearing a velcro suit while gazing longingly at school boys and sheep
3. or one who picks his nose with his pinky and wipes the booger on his friends couch
4. or a downright dirty mexican!
You dirty fucking meyer you're just like a gavin...
by Grendl September 13, 2004
38 75