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adj. posessing up to date trendy fashion and styling attitude; unique and chick
Honey rockin the Prada with her little shanique ass tryin to get in the club.
by makaveli March 23, 2003
A big ol black wiener, thats on fire
whodi son what the fuck is an oscar meyer?
by makaveli March 23, 2003
tupac shakurs word for a fake nigga
MOB Deep are a bunch of figgaz.
by makaveli April 12, 2004
having doggystyle sex with your girlfriend and calling her by some one elses name... then try and see how long you can stay on for...
i had a gr8 bronco shag last night
by Makaveli June 17, 2006
an unusual amount of pubic hair in the anal region of the female body (any is too damn much so ladies get rid of it)
I was goin low but that hoe was rockin tha assfro...so I said to myDAMNself stop, no, and dont and then called her a bitch
by makaveli March 22, 2003
A homosexual black male who trix thugs into getting their butthole licked instead of their twenties cleaned
"gimme a dolla"
"Hell no crackhead"
"Man I'll shine yo rim"
"Ok but make sure you get all of them AHHH mutha fucka get yo tongue outta my ass"
by makaveli March 23, 2003
A "sexual act" involving a handfull of shaved pubic hair thrown in the face of an unsuspecting female who just recieved a facial
I brought that bitch home from the club and got her ass ready for Halloween with a gorilla mask
by makaveli March 22, 2003
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