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1. Occurs when the ass cheek buns rub together causing severe friction burn to the inner bum region. Usually occurs when crack is sweating and dries up very fast. A red burning sensation is felt.

2. Occurs when the ball bag rubs gainst the inner thigh causing the same red burning sensation mentioned above.

NOTE: Never put GoldBond powder on a chafed area. This will cause intense burning and make you what to rip your balls off.
I was fucking running hard from the cops last night but I got so chafed I had to run bow-legged and they caught me. SHHHIET!
by bt February 20, 2003
Synonym of "diss" or "burn"
Said while rubbing one, straight index finger against the other.
Used after an insult.
Ussually said by a third-party.
Bob- Yeah, well at least I have a penis!

Joey- Chafed.

Simon- *Cries*
by Dave March 21, 2004
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