1) A god to the Middle-aged Stay at Home White Women tribe, who's word is law to said tribe.
2) Steadman's Sugar Mama
I don't want to stop eating beef, but Oprah mandates it.

"Steadman, get your ass in here and clip my toe nails" said Oprah
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
Shapeshifter. The only known person in history who can change into any form he/she so desires. This is obviously how she obtains her wealth of information, public opinions and money. She transforms herself into another person to gather what she needs for her overated, overappreciated, decieving day time television show. She feeds on the ignorance of the millions of viewers that worship her.She has supposedly been around since the beggining of time itself, she has asumed many forms and has corrupted many a country. One infamous person you may have heard of, Hitler, was not the man you think he was, he was, as you may have guessed, Oprah, in disguise. She is believed to have been present at the Last Supper. Though she tends to change shapes often, her most famous, and most used form is the overweight, overpaid, deceptive black woman you see on television. She is to be avoided at all costs. She can be anywhere at any time in any shape. You have been warned.

Also see oprah hands
"Hey! Look that water moves like Oprah!"
"Dude, Don't change the way you look like that, I didn't know who you were, you pulled an Oprah."
by Thisnamebetternotbetaken August 14, 2006
A African American female who lives and works in Chicago for Harpo Studios. Is very affluent and rich. Sheis a good hearted person but her shows feminist agenda can get very annoying. Her Show is usually about something tragic,hopeful,inspiring,recent, trendy,or fun. She usually has some sort of guest. She likes too tell jokes but they usually aren't too funny, but don't tell that too soccer moms.

Overall: A little bit of a Fem Nazi but not a bad woman.
Oprah kinda annoys me but I respect her nonetheless.
by Unresponsive Bee Victim July 08, 2005
A daytime talk-show hosted by the one and only Oprah. The show can be easily summed up as a very annoying, very repetitve show talking endlessly about feelings, drug abuse, and talking to your kids about their feelings so they don't abuse drugs. Even though the show is a never ending supply of stupidity at its finest, one must admit that Oprah weelds much power in the lives of America's soccer moms.
Oprah's show, Oprah is a fine example of what happens when the a super self-important rich woman has to much time on her hands.
by Nimrod1 February 05, 2006
Another word for- sociopath. Oprah panders her new-age crap at bored, upper-middle class women who, like Germans in the 30's listening to the demented rantings of another maniac, buy it hook, line and sinker. A billionaire who connives women into believing that she's 'one of the girls'. Gives cars away to poor people, naturally on international TV so everyone can SEE how great she is. Cars aren't registered OR insured however. Poor people lose 'free' car. Oprah looks like saint. Disgusting. Has a golden toilet. Seriously.
"When Jesus whups the anti-Christ, it'll be Oprah, and Dr Phil will be the false prophet..."

by PepsiCola September 16, 2006
A fat black woman with deep rooted anger issues, an egomaniac, and a closet racist. If she had her way she would exterminate all white people from the planet, but she can't because they happen to be her core fanbase.
Oprah is on, turn that TV off.
by FFace March 19, 2007
Possibly the richest nigger ever.

A more fitting name would be Nigrah
Oprah got rich off of brainwashing other women.
by Mister Cookie October 28, 2012

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