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a gaping vagina in the state of arousal, ready for coitus; also known as a "girl boner." without an opener, lubricant is required for proper intercourse. coined in santa barbara, circa 1981.
I was ready to tap Natassia, but I could see she didn't have an opener - so I had to do an extra ten minutes of fingerblasting.
by teevizzle November 04, 2010
the first of a series of items, events, etc
The opener he requested a heavy duty sandblaster.
by The Return of Light Joker July 29, 2011
When you arrive to the bar to meet people, and you are well behind them in terms of alcohol consumption. You order an Opener. An Opener is generally a triple shot of any hard liquor in a pint glass and topped up to the brim with a mixer of some kind. My personal fave is Triple Vodka + Club Lemon. This slang is common to the Mid-lands of Ireland.
Barkeep: What can I get ya?
Risteard: I fancy an opener...hmmm...make it JD and Coke.
Barkeep: One opener coming up!

The Barkeep may or may not be Risteard's brother.
by CJ2daK September 03, 2008
some1 dat always stirs up trubble.
y did he hav 2 say dat hes sucj and opener
by clive the girl October 08, 2003

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