1. The talk-show hosted by Satan herself.

2. Satan!!!
If you have just watch Oprah, You have sold your soul.
by Loki353637 July 12, 2008
A unit of weight that is approximately 200 pounds.
"My car weighs about 8 Oprahs"
"How much do I weigh? 3/4 of an Oprah last time I checked"
by Dryani October 07, 2009
Noun: Blubber or fat.

Adjective: Obese.

Ad-verb: As if to stuff your self with food.

Verb: To jiggle that fat.
Noun: Me eating all this cake won't me lose the extra oprah i have around my buttocks.

Adjective: I saw some oprah people licking grease off themselves a McDonalds.

Ad-verb: Cartmen oprahly ate the Cheesy Poofs.

Verb: As the man began making the move on the obese lady, she oprahed, and the man promptly left.
by scottthedoughboy November 19, 2007
The Queen of Political Correctness...
Guy: What you watchin'?
Girl: Oprah...
Guy: Ah that political correct annoying bitch!? I'd take Jerry Springer over her bullshit any day!
by FilMasta March 04, 2009
The devil. She is gonna take over the world 1 day. I'll be ready. How about you???
How do you think Oprah got all that cheese????
by Jwilz November 01, 2007
A person of any race who went from being poor to beng a billionaire, or just rich.
Look at Becky over there with her Mercedes, she's such an Oprah.
by Spaz Attack July 02, 2006
A person with soooooo much power in America that countless drones of women elect to the top role of president a jr. senator with no experience, who before he's allowed to take office, causes a daily stock market plunge.
"Man, that damn bitch Oprah has just Oprahed our economical tomb."
by fanodan13 December 06, 2008

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