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A sweet ass website,that is the shit when it comes to finding fight videos,and any other jump-off you can't find anywhere else.
Sometimes it sucks because when you leave a comment that is negative,and sometimes positive, things can get very racial and just out-of-hand.
What you will witness on youtube.com very often...

*Video: A sissy fight between two dudes,thats very one sided.*

Me: Ayo,that dude got his ass handed to him...But both of them couldn't fight. holla

DoucheBag #1: Shut up you fucking nigger..I bet he could woop your ass anyday,you porch monkey.

Douchebag #2: The cracka that won need to cum to ma hood and see whats up with it!! Wyoming all day bitch!!

Douchebag #3: Hey Douchebag #1..your fuckin cracka ass need to shut up..honkey!

Me:...why does everything have to turn racial?!?!

More Douchebag's enter the convosation..etc....
by Truth904 May 23, 2006
outskirts of a city,just about everyone lives in a suburb.Not always rich white folk,even 'hoods' are suburbs.If you dont live in the city,then you live in a suburb!
Even though the Westside is the worst side of town,it's a suburb.
by Truth904 July 11, 2006
I'm a sophmore in high school,and from what I've learned is that school is full of overweight teachers who are underpaid and make your life a living hell because they think your the ones paying them!They teach you senseless shit in all your classes.The food taste like the fat lunch lady poured rat shit from under the stove in to a batch of grease,but they're big on keeping you healthy!Not enough books and desks for everyone..I can keep going on,but a lot of you know what I'm talking about.
Besides all the negative shit,theres the girls turning into women,makeing friendships,the drama,and the good times.
Elementary school is the best years of your life.Field trips,makeing long-life friendships,growing up,etc..
Middle school-you start likeing girls,teachers threaten you with working at mcdonalds,everyone warns you about high school,and you think your ass is grown untill your a freshmen
Highschool-.....Everyone is going through puberty,girls start growing ass and tits and all you can think about is SEX!Teachers teach shit that your never gonna use regardless your profession later in life.You start driveing,drama is 10times stronger.And because all you could think about was the other sex and your myspace,ya ass is going to summer school!

As you takeing it in the ass,just remember the good times because this shit goes by fast
Teacher:"So can anyone give me the answer to this problem?"
2abc x x2 x 12/8 x pie

The only one who's awake:"Y are you teaching us this shit when you claim all of us is just gon be flippin burgers?!"

Teacher:"Ok,goto the front office with this referal!"

The only one who's awake:"Fuck you bitch!!"

Teacher:"You wanna come say that in my face?!"
by Truth904 June 26, 2006
An over wieght white lady in black face.Makes billions and gives away tons of free shit!Loved by tons of white middle aged soccer moms.Cuts her guests off when they talk,and always says "Yea","Mmmhmmm","Yea" during a conversation.
And blacks aren't aloud in the studio audience.
"You get a car,you get a car,you get a car,you get a car,you get a car,YES,YES,YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Truth904 July 05, 2006

2. A person apointed to chose wich definitions are good and totally suck.
Me: I felt special when I signed up to be part of the urbandictionary editors, but then I realized that thousands, if not millions, could be an editor too....lol.
by Truth904 May 07, 2006
They finest type of girls in the world!From the way they walk,talk,dress,act,w/e!they look good.I'm black and race dont matter to me in a girl,but I perfer latinas!It's not either tits or ass in a latina,they have both!They're personallity's make them 10 times sexier.9/10 latina girls you pick out will be fine as hell.Yea you can get all technical and shit and say this country isn't hispanic or whateva,but IDC!
Not to mention they food is the shit!(I have dominicans and pr's in my family)
I'd take a plate of rice and beans,(sweet)plantains,any type of meat,and a coco rico.
A plate of collards,fried chicken,cornbread,and kool-aid
ANY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only downside of latina's is that some of them be hairy as hell!!
"ayo Nic,go slap that girls ass!"
"You crazy?she's a latina,she gon slap me back!!"
by Truth904 June 21, 2006
A very popular rap group from Memphis, TN. That I am a big fan of.

A lot of ppl think they worship the devil. But the ones who say that are ignorant and are dick riders because they heard that from someone else. Before you speculate about them worshiping the devil, think about a few things..
1. They wouldn't have won an 'Oscar'
2. They wouldn't be so famous
3. They wouldn't wear so much 'bling bling'
4. They wouldn't be signed to a MAJOR record label
5. They wouldn't be on every music channel
And on in the cd's booklet, when each of them give their thanks, they each start out by saying..."I want to start out by thanking god...."
Kanye West,I heard, produced Three six mafia's hit,'stay fly'. Kanye is very religous, and on the remix the sample is clearly a soul sample...
by Truth904 May 07, 2006

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