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3 definitions by littleman77

A say-anything-to-be-popular (read that: rich) shill. Quite possibly the false prophet of the antichrist revealed in Revelation 16:13
Oprah thinks Madonna and Kabbalah are worthwhile.
by littleman77 July 28, 2005
An inflammation of the region between the balls and the anus. see binus Usually occurs after golfing.
I'm still recovering from a bad case of binusitis and it's painful to walk.
by littleman77 July 08, 2005
An in-residence educational institution. Adults with too much money who resent their children send them here to learn how to make money and resent children. Secondary curriculum includes whining like an infant and ass-kissing. Without constant security and supervision, students and graduates would be easy prey for real humans.
He's from boarding school. Get your sister to kick his ass.
by littleman77 July 28, 2005