Octuple penetration.
by Fuckyouyoufuckinfuck October 31, 2003
by stupids August 08, 2003
out of pocket
don't get op with me
by jazmine T griffin-johnson December 12, 2002
Telephone Operator
We dialed 0 (zero) and messed with the op.
by roadlet_411 April 25, 2002
open pad. a party spot (typically a house) lacking authority figures that wouldn't allow said party.
yo jeremy's got an OP tonight so we can go drink there.
by op king July 28, 2008
shortened term for opium
yo son, lemme peep that op you just copped
by Nik April 21, 2004
(n) Order of Protection
When I found out my wife was getting it in the ass from some dirtbag, I got mad and she got an op and had me kicked out of my house, that whore.
by Hugh Jass July 11, 2003

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