an expression used after you have heard some strange, weird, or new news.

also used after someone says or does something really weird.
for example:

"that girl starting doing the worm in math class!"

"op! are you kidding?!"


"ed asked me to prom..."
"op! no he did not!"
by opfreakygurl September 13, 2009
1)noun.Used in the lolita community for "One "Piece,as in a dress that needs no blouse.

2)noun.Used in thae forums as "original poster,"or "Original post."

3)verb.Used in battle instances as "Overpowered."
1)"The new OP from Angelic Pretty is so cute!"

2)"Dude,read the OP."

3)"He just got OPed!
by Miss Lolipopp July 17, 2008
online pussy, women on teh interwebs usually female posters in message forums
everytime an op posts the leg humpers come out to play
by scifi March 20, 2008
Opening Post. The first post in a topic on an online discussion board, with which the topic is "opened".
- What's the URL?
- Read the OP!
by Mr. British July 17, 2006
Oral Pleasure
My girlfriend gives really good o.p.
by stu_haxorpcs September 06, 2009
Stands for Original Prankster.
I posted pictures of platypuses all over campus, so I shall now be addressed as "THE OP".
by ilkinz March 30, 2009
Another term for Warlock in World of Warcraft
The GM's (Game Masters) Had originally planned to call the class "OP" but decided it didn't fit with the Lore.
I just got killed by a warlock.
"I just got pwnt by an OP AGAIN!"

You just died for the infinith time to a warlock, you than decide to play one.
*DEATH by Warlock* "That's it, I'm rolling OP"
by Jon DDA September 19, 2007

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