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street name for opium
what the fuck we have OP
by lalauracate November 02, 2007
Organic Portals, or "O.P.s", are quite simply soulless organic robots that pass as humans in the everyday world. O.P.s are remarkably efficient, quite common, and can be found at home, in the workplace, or generally anywhere that genuine souled humans are found. O.P.s are completely incapable of generating emotional energy for themselves, so they feed off the emotional energy of souled humans. O.P.s are apparently indifferent as to whether the emotional energy is positive or negative in nature, and appear to assimilate both with equal ease. O.P.s can often be identified while taking repeated actions which hurt you and other people that the O.P. supposedly cares about. When asked about their behavior, an O.P. will provide a completely incoherent explanation for their actions, and then promptly continue repeating the same actions as if nothing had happened. O.P.s do appear to have some limited capacity for learning. Experienced O.P.s have been observed to delay immediate gratification in favor of orchestrating one large dramatic event in which they can extract a large amount of emotion from you and a number of others all at the same time.
Example 1: I should have realized that she was an O.P. after the second time she cheated on me, but she charmed me right back into denial.

Example 2: I can't believe that freeking O.P. had the nerve to bitch to my boss about me right after telling me to my face how much she enjoyed working with me.

Example 3: The O.P.s said I have to be home by midnight.

Example 4: I am -so- sorry I ever had a child with that O.P.

Example 5: I am -so- sorry I ever loaned money to that O.P.

Example 6: Don't let that O.P. get you down.

Example 7: Can you believe it? That O.P. actually took responsibility for something!

Example 8: In business news, O.P. Inc. was purchased by O.P. Bank.

Example 9: Normally I would be against the death penalty, but that O.P. should fry.

Example 10: Stop acting like an O.P. and show some goddam emotion already!
by tenetnosce September 18, 2005
open pad
"i think i might have an op this weekend.. im def gonna be partying it uppp"
by Shelby McKinlend August 13, 2008
out of place
cant relate to topic
He is OP coz he is the only on w/o a date.
by .:james:. July 15, 2008
As in "other people's cigarettes."
"She only smokes OP's!"
by zooa November 03, 2003
out of pocket
don't get op with me
by jazmine T griffin-johnson December 12, 2002
short for "to operate", as in to go on an operation for something (drugs, alcohol, etc.)
Tonight I'm gonna op on a bottle, an eighth of purp, and some Swishers.
by GP650 May 09, 2005