official perverts-Our community in Krakatoa actually has these. Their job is - big surprise - to be a pervert. They are paid $400 a day, but do not get workman's comp for any injuries that may occur during working hours. An official pervert is actually has the status of one of the U.S.'s mayors.
I am official pervert. Official Pervert Dick, to be precise. And I'm single, all you luscious ladies...
by Official Pervert Dick March 17, 2004
a made up language, where the "op" comes before every vowel
"Hopellopo mopy nopamope opis Bopeckopy"
translated as, "hello my name is becky"
by anonymous February 11, 2004
Oral Pleasure
Damn i want some op,
by Ann Omynus October 31, 2003
Opject path... Used in 3D virtual universes like AW, SM, OW and so on... object paths are for uploading objects into the worlds...
Person1: How did you get an op yet?
Person2: no but when i do ill upload that spaceship i made into my world.
by Celeron1234 June 22, 2005
Online Pussy - Used on online forums
"Yo dog OP to RP conversion in the works over here"
by Your_mom January 22, 2005
Op is an abbreviation for opinion.
Why don't you opt out on giving me your op? Fucker.
by Nova><Master October 27, 2006
Only Professionals

OP is a well known team on Xbox Live. They are fierce and very competitive! OP is not a team to mess with there are about 20 TryHard members in this team and still growing. OP members are beast ass quickscopers and will Fucken demolish any team out there! (:
XBL Random: hey what does OP stand for?!
OP FAMOUS: Anything you want it to stand for...
XBL Random: Only Pussys?
OP CHOCOBEAN: Nah bro, Organic Peanuts!
MW2 LOBBY: Hhhaha
by Op Famous January 25, 2011

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