OP means Original Pimp
He's washed up these days, but he's still an OP.
by C-Hud and Taylor August 27, 2005
Organ Push. The act of placing ones fist on anothers stomach or ribcage and forcefully pushing down untill pain is inflicted.
Coleton, you just got OP'd!
by Mister Fail November 09, 2008
When you knock 9 out of 10 pins down in bowling.. you have one pin left up =One Pin
God damn that OP.

You always throw OP's Erin!
by Kaija January 28, 2004
official perverts-Our community in Krakatoa actually has these. Their job is - big surprise - to be a pervert. They are paid $400 a day, but do not get workman's comp for any injuries that may occur during working hours. An official pervert is actually has the status of one of the U.S.'s mayors.
I am official pervert. Official Pervert Dick, to be precise. And I'm single, all you luscious ladies...
by Official Pervert Dick March 17, 2004
a made up language, where the "op" comes before every vowel
"Hopellopo mopy nopamope opis Bopeckopy"
translated as, "hello my name is becky"
by anonymous February 11, 2004
Oral Pleasure
Damn i want some op,
by Ann Omynus October 31, 2003
Opject path... Used in 3D virtual universes like AW, SM, OW and so on... object paths are for uploading objects into the worlds...
Person1: How did you get an op yet?
Person2: no but when i do ill upload that spaceship i made into my world.
by Celeron1234 June 22, 2005

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