1. Short for OverPowered, as in a weapon or unit that is too powerful

2. Something that should be nerfed

3. Something that noobs complain about whenever they get pwned by it

4. An acronym that does NOT stand for original poster
1. Dude, that is way too Op

2. Bungie nerfed the needler gun in Multiplayer, because people were complaining it was OP

3. (Getting raped by mass Zerglings in Starcraft)
Zerglings... So OP...
by Terrazine August 30, 2011
1. To express emotion toward a certain situation
2. To break an awkward silence
3. To stop someone's incessant nagging/complaining
1. "Hey, I need to go home" "Op"
2. *Silence*..."op" "Dude, that was awkward"
3. "You're stupid, and you need to pick up the house, and you need to go back and..." "Hey, hey,...op"
by Jö-D'n November 22, 2009
1. An action word used when someone commits an unexpected error such as, falling, dropping something or saying something inapropiriate depending on the setting.

2. An action word used when something good occurs unexpectedly.
When Carlos asked me to agree with him at the soccer field, I flipped him off and he said, "op!"
by Carlos Cortes November 05, 2009
1. Operative or Operation.
2. Observation Post. Military Term.
1. "I'm a Covert Op on a Top-Secret Op."
2. We'll set up an O.P behind these bushes."
by Diego August 25, 2003
an expression used after you have heard some strange, weird, or new news.

also used after someone says or does something really weird.
for example:

"that girl starting doing the worm in math class!"

"op! are you kidding?!"


"ed asked me to prom..."
"op! no he did not!"
by opfreakygurl September 13, 2009
online pussy, women on teh interwebs usually female posters in message forums
everytime an op posts the leg humpers come out to play
by scifi March 20, 2008
1)noun.Used in the lolita community for "One "Piece,as in a dress that needs no blouse.

2)noun.Used in thae forums as "original poster,"or "Original post."

3)verb.Used in battle instances as "Overpowered."
1)"The new OP from Angelic Pretty is so cute!"

2)"Dude,read the OP."

3)"He just got OPed!
by Miss Lolipopp July 17, 2008

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