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A relatively safe city but it sucks if you don't have a car since you will never live close enough to all of the hang out sites.

Also the fastest growing city in America.

Where people are shocked when someting violent happens.
My friend- What do you want to do?
Me- What do you mean it's Elk Grove there is nothing to do.
by CommandoSolo October 20, 2006
172 53
A small city near Sacramento. People from the bay area like to move here. Majority of people here are white, then mexican, then asian, then black..
Elk grove is gay fool.
by Christinaa October 02, 2005
124 67
Hell on Earth, a suburb of Sacramento, CA
Elk Grove blows, this is hell
by Ormanon September 08, 2005
123 90
The shit of a town in the northwest suburbs of chicago, home of the lab nazis
Elk Grove blows like the football team that bears it's name
by Pj Weber September 22, 2006
66 98