A mind obsessed with a single thought or perspective. Often used to describe someone obsessed with sex.
Rie, with her one-track mind, always manages to find sexual overtones in even the most innocent of statements.
by Xile Arevius June 23, 2006
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a mind obsessed with only one thing
That boy has a one-track mind. All he thinks about is his girlfriend.
by Light Joker April 13, 2005
Having a one track mind refers to the instance that there is currently only one specific thing on your mind (which you may or may not make clear to your environment by returning again and again to said thing in conversations).
Guy: Dude, Barack Obama's speech was wicked last night!

The Other Guy: Uhmm, yeah, it was all right.

Guy: Oh, and dude! Did you hear about the puppy he wants to get? OMG, it's so cool.

The Other Guy: Yeahh...

Guy: Hey, you know what dude? Barack Obama, ---

The Other Guy: Bro, you got one sick one track mind!

Guy: Let's just come back to Barack Obama for a sec...
by Jaidte January 27, 2009
1. an individual who can only focus on one thing at a time

2. someone who always thinks about sex
1. tom: so how was your weekend maggie?

***tom's phone vibrates

maggie: well, i had to go to my grandmother's funeral.

tom: haha rofl! I'm sorry i was reading a funny text. you were saying?

maggie: a pox on your one track mind

2. lois: omg! i love the color pink!

dan: you know what i like? sex!
by Rio de Riley September 15, 2009
A Grunge/Punk band from Bradenton Florida
cant find the time to get myself right-One Track Mind
by slapnpop March 30, 2011
one ttack mind is hearing a statement and beleving that it only has one meaning,hearing a song and thinking that each bar,only has one meaning.The secrete too making sure you are not a one track mind person is getting books on writing songs,poems,ect. meaning understanding what meataphors are synonyms,homonymns,puns ect.
I think most humans in the world belevie in metaphors when wrighting music stronger than other ethics...
one track mind
by regardless devon victory July 10, 2008
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