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Is a syndrom of extream paranoia,depression,and expression of being belittled and agravated by the mental.a situation where you never over come indigents,also an extream fear of god or an human deity...
your action and the way that you behave are retarded i think you have the
regardless devon victory syndrom....
by regardless devon victory January 23, 2009
regardless devon victory is a situation where you just need and want a whole lot of money,and you will do nothing to let it step your living endeavour,
my styles are regardless devon victory nothing in the industry can really stop me...

if you try a regardless devon victory ill blast you....
by regardless devon victory May 03, 2008
Being forced to do something.
pronounce co - erced or Co-herst

by regardless devon victory June 27, 2010
A word that should be used to show coolness and good ness and never used as a negative word.
whats up cuddy also we in the cuddy : (snoop dogg)
also (cuddy E-40)=
by regardless devon victory March 23, 2010
The industry is really located any where in the world where their is an actually being,working within society.The industry is coherst with,as a statement any one:
helping people eat(resturaunt industry)
makeing people for people too listen too (the music industry) wrighting in ways that can be intitled for the whole world too read (the publish industry)
helping people recieve mail (government industry/the logistic industry.)
people that live in major citys or state,major states more generaly,may see the industry different,people that live in major city and states may be closer too celebritys but people who don't live in major city may see less celebritys...
by regardless devon victory June 26, 2008
regardless is clarification that you are intincing yourself, not too go with something commenced,showing that you are looking over something partialy or fully not careing showing idiocy.
see other definitions of regardless...
by regardless devon victory July 10, 2008
coherst is when some one forces you to do something also coherst can mean someone who makes something that some one else allredy has albums,movies,t.v.shows,humans,thats how you coherst the game
i was coherst to belive that i was recieving a milllion dollars.

dont nobody coherst songs like me no biteing just cohersting
music baby.....
by regardless devon victory May 03, 2008

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