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A gameFAQs user who argues a liberal arguement, but rarely backs up his facts with decent sources. Also ignores the arguements he can't beat and answers the easy questions.
omlette's arguing again, I'm getting dumber.
by COTM July 20, 2004
10 21
to bust a load in a girls ear and then to fold the ear over in an omlette like fashion!!
After we were done humping, she said she was hungry so i mabe that bitch an omlette
by Matt November 12, 2003
88 54
to let, to allow
i shoulda bus a cap in yo ass, but omlette you slide
by dtown July 11, 2003
35 29
stop looking David McCandless! You'll never find out!
I'd rather be a slut than an omlette.
by notanomlette June 22, 2010
3 6
the ultimate state of living, being cohesively like an omlette
stalin said:
you can't make an omlette without breaking a few eggs

lil wayne said:
i'm one egg short of the omlette
by JJbaker June 29, 2009
7 10