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A person of unusually high intelligence, particularly relating to science, math, and beer.
"I should pull a McCandless and stay up all night drinking, and THEN take the test"
by Ms. February 28, 2008
21 15
Meaning a person who thinks she's a Vanderbosch, but not really.
Anne thought she was Vanderbosch smart, but she really was McCandless smart, which is o.k., if you're from the North-East.
by just plain greatness February 27, 2008
18 14
Huge supporter of Hillary Clinton, like pyschotic obsession.

Especially loves her Health Care Plan.
I like to think of myself as a BIG Hillary Clinton supporter, but not a MCCANDLESS Hillary Clinton supporter. Thats just fucking nuts.
by he who doesn't want to be named February 28, 2008
16 17