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An extremely well known GameFAQs user, known for creating LUElinks, a website where LUEsers can hang out with a much more lenient TOS. Oh wait, that place isn't actually there, I was just kidding.
LlamaGuy kicks major ass.
by COTM July 20, 2004
A member of LUE on the GameFAQs Message Boards and LUElinks regarded to be the best user ever by most.
by COTM February 27, 2005
A gameFAQs user who argues a liberal arguement, but rarely backs up his facts with decent sources. Also ignores the arguements he can't beat and answers the easy questions.
omlette's arguing again, I'm getting dumber.
by COTM July 20, 2004
A president that is greatly underestimated and lies are made up about him. The CIA reports were why Bush thought WMDs were in Iraq, he didn't make it up. He's not a moron, just bad at public speaking, you try addressing a whole nation.
OMGWTFBBQ NOFX says Bush is bad, so it must be true lolol.
by COTM September 26, 2004
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