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same as "spewin"; upset, annoyed, pissed-off, or all of the above.
'Dude, that party got cancelled... you must be peekin!' or
chick 1:'i got stood up last night.'
chick 2: 'peekin.'
by baby-g December 05, 2003
To in the giver's mouth of a bumkin.
"Hey dude."
"How was that bumkin last night?"
"Oh, it was more than a bumkin, it was a peekin?"
"No way, shut the smurf up!"
"Smurf yah, all smurfin true."
#bumkin #blow job #sex #hand job #toilet
by Coltin Engle November 21, 2007
the act of pissing in a chicks mouth while she gives you a bumkin (blowjob while takeing a shit)
that bitch was giveing me a pee-kin and i blew my o-ring and pissed right in her fucking mouth!
#peekin #pee-kin #pekin #pkin #pe-kin
by ausint lohse November 15, 2007
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