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To say A-LLOW means eitha forget that or hell naw.
''shall we go and see wat dion and letesha are doin?''

''nah man allow dat dey probly shaggin each otha or sumthin''
by sonia_uk September 20, 2003
581 137
-Let it be
-Forget about it
-Don't let it trouble you
-Don't even think about it
-Fuck that shit
-Don't bother with it
-Not now, some other time
-"Allow that bitch, she's rough!"
-"Want some next blast of this Bells, blud? Nah... allow that man, that shit's harsh!"
- "Come we go Wetherspoons, last place open round these ends at this time. init!" -"Allow that! That fucking place is full of old ropey, haggard cunts.
by SSmaug December 22, 2006
419 89
stop, don't do that, no
allow drugs
'low townies
by Queen B October 11, 2003
155 88
to leave alone
"ey come we jack that little neek there"
"nah blud allow him, jack that next man"
"seen bedjin seen"
by roxxor February 19, 2004
91 68
To let it be. In other word, no.
- Any one up for some herpes?
by seniorwrangler May 10, 2008
51 30
To disagree, or to say no
Allow going to the movies its gonna be lint!
by SLAM February 06, 2003
90 69
A)Forget about that!
B)Forget about X
A) i)Are you going to take the rubbish out?
Allows! (or) Allows that shit!
ii)You don't know what 'Allows' means? Allows!!

B) That wanker's giving you looks!
Allows him! (or) Allows that bastard!
by Anil Vij April 15, 2003
10 8