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Only heard of in myths, it is a very large cawk, almost like an obelisk. It usually preys on hot women. When erect, it will block out the sun. Only a few people have ever got to harness its true power..
Dude!!! WTF is that!! O my god!! Its an obelisk!!! RUN! RUN! RUN! Especially the hot chicks, RUUUNNNN!!!!!!!!
by chodeboi99 February 23, 2010
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Incredibly fast spear wielding Net Navigator from fan made site; Mega Man Battle Network Universe. Is capable of performing powerful wind and electrical attacks alongside a unique ability to transform into different fighting modes. Also known as the Green Slayer.
Obelisk plunged his spear forward at Megaman from a safe distance, his powerful weapon able to strike the blue Navi down from afar.
by blue January 21, 2005
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