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verb: to strike a person in the face with the penis
She got smart with me and i cock slapped the bitch!
by goodaaron March 19, 2003
605 79
to slap someone with one's cock; to cockslap someone is to assert one's dominance/superiority. Also, girls like it when you do this to them.
"Hey dude, I don't have the money yet."
"Don't make me cockslap you!"
by warren November 26, 2002
581 165
using ones penis to slap the face of another person. also called a mushroom tattoo because of the redness left behind by the hit.
if you dont shut up i'll cock slap you!
by Luke Merlini November 25, 2003
359 155
to whip out your crank and slap a bitch across the dick-sucker with it.
"I just love to cockslap BJ's mom"
by MacMcCarty18 October 12, 2006
266 138
The most humiliating act a man could ever give. Should you be the unlucky victim of a cockslap, especially when you're sleeping, the best advice is to kill yourself.
"Haha, I gave you a cockslap you when you were sleeping, and filmed it!"
by Chris Ioakim December 11, 2006
244 144
To slap someone with your cock(penis). Usually performed in the face, with a left to right motion.
After jizzin in her face I cocked slapped her so she undertands who's the boss.
Every man should cock slap the wife when its necessary(everyday).
by Johnnay June 01, 2003
226 156
v.kok slap. The use of a man's penis(cock) as a weapon to slap the shit out of his girlfriend/wife/boyfriend(if your queer) when frustrated with them.
1. I told my girlfriend to make me a chicken sandwich, and she didn't so I Cock Slapped the bitch!

2. While my wife was giving me a blow job, I decided to pull back and Cock Slap her for fun.

3. My boyfriend told me that that we didn't have any KY Jelly left so what did I say, "Boy go buy that Jelly, and when you get home be prepared for a ruthless Cock Slapping".
by Dude Andrews & Dude Moore July 06, 2007
131 74