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pedestrian obstacle course. daytime open air homeless storage facility
City Council recommends that passersby should not give beggars money.

If you give them money, they will just buy drugs or alcohol. Offer them drugs instead, eliminates the middle man. I recommend strychnine. Godblessyou have a nice day
by bruja April 22, 2005
An attempt to create tension or conflict between rivalries. (2) An imitation or fake duplication.
"Yo Loc!" Why you always side walkin a nigga!?" (2) "Yo foo! I got those jeans first. Why u side walkin a loc!? I'm this close to pencil hoppin ya ass muh fucka! BLAT!
by i-ca$h, RK June 30, 2006
No such thing, it is a pavement
I can't be bothered to say the word pavement any more
by Matt March 04, 2005
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