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Another word for a very beautiful woman.
That nutch is looking splendid in her dress tonight.
by Adam Oliver June 18, 2014
Contraction of "not much" - means just that. Mistakenly believed to have been heard in the Coolio song "Gangsta's Paradise"
Person 1: "What's up?"
Person 2: "Nutch"
by Geosurface October 07, 2004
To nutch is the action of pushing or swinging somebody (usually via hammock) into or through a wall. A true nutch has been acted out when the person being nutched has slammed into the wall and broken part of it.
"Ow dude, you just nutched me into that wall"

"Shut up before I nutch you"
by Masternutcher August 25, 2004
The ridge separating the hemispheres of a scrotum. Usually only visible when the sack is drawn up due to some sort of scrotal circumstance.
Dammit, this cold weather is making my nutch itchy.
by TunkmasterFlex July 20, 2010
1. a pain in the groin area, usually caused by a swift punch or roundhouse kick to the nuts
aw shit mom, i cant go to school today.. ive got the nutch
by mikewreck July 10, 2008
A combination of the words "No" and "Bitch". Used in Toledo school to curse at teachers, without actaully cursing.
Teacher: Did anyone bring their book today?!

Student: Nutch
by dr.t July 11, 2006
English slang for Vagina
Man that chick had a sweaty nutch
by Warren Cogswell June 29, 2006

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