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A place that should be avoided at all costs. If you are here, move out. The job market is very poor. It is nearly impossible to advance your career, or get a job that is not minimum wage or less than $25K per year. The people here are very shallow. You cannot carry on a conversation with anyone if it does not involve drinking, sports, or which beer joint you will be hanging out in tonight. The downtown is a lifeless concrete nightmare, full of vacant buildings and run down homes. There is 5/3 Field, which is about the only good thing there. The general lack of unique things to see and do here without the "been there done that" feeling is appalling. The weather is cold, dreery, rainy, cloudy, and oppressively humid in the summer. Perpetual road construction. I-280 is in year 36 of construction.
(1)Toledo is the armpit of Ohio.

by Hoyt from the Ledge November 29, 2006
A city dying faster then a bullet can move. Toledo has been run to the ground by its 2 wonderful mayors (Finkfaggot and Jack Ford). This city has been rated one of the worst cities to live in America on many different lists. Its a giant fucking shithole.

I live here. Run
Get the fuck out of Toledo
by TacoMann July 05, 2009
Absolutely the worst place in the world! This is a city where the citizens bitch about high taxes, but yet vote in tax levys such as the zoo, TARTA, and metroparks. Oh yeah, they also keep voting in the same politicians who cut city services while raising taxes. Not to mention the politicians are fucking morons. The defeatocrat party has tight reigns on the city for the last 50 years. Yet 75,000jobs and well over 100,000 people left the city, yet somehow they keep getting reelected. If you ever live in Toledo, please do not send your child to public schools there. The schools are only slightly better than Detroit's and the school board constantly asks voters for more taxes, which the dumbasses of Toledo give them. Yet most of the kids in these schools can't graduate. Toledo has been called a wonderful place to raise a family by a lot of its citizens. Why not, its has everything a family needs. Vacant homes, strip clubs, old factories, bad schools, crumbling infrastructure, "smart politicians", and plenty of drug dealers. NOTE: should you ever go to the east side of Toledo BEWARE! Not only are the entire neighborhoods rotting, but there are gangs, drug dealers, and prostitutes. There is also a huge Sun Oil plant right in the middle of the east side area. Thus, between the drugs and inbreeding east siders do, combined with the oil refinery, east siders look worse than something out of deliverance. But some east siders think its a great place to live in Toledo. About the only good thing to do in all of Toledo: PACK UP AND GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!
Guy 1: I am from Toledo!

Guy 2: Oh! I am so sorry!
by Toledo Guy July 26, 2008
A combination of an alligator and a torpedo. It has it's teeth removed, and then loaded into an attack submarine. At this time it is fired from the submarine in a torpedo-like fashion, fast and powerful. With it's de-teethed mouth, it eats all the broccoli in the ocean.
"Holy Toledo!!"
by littleman794 September 13, 2012
Toledo is a large city in Ohio. Which is full of possiblities and opportunity. Toledo is best known for makeing Jeeps and glass. Toledo is Uber cool, I would know I live in it.
(Rob) I'm going to Toledo.
(Bob) Ohio?
(Rob) Ya.
(Bob) Dude!!!!!! That place rocks!!
(Rob) I know!!!!!
by Ronnie Johns Jr. February 20, 2008
To be in possession of everyday bad breath, that allows chronic halitosis to the extreme, appear to be "post dental cleaning mouth", when other people first glimpse or are irrevocably soiled....aka...(breathed upon) or have offended both the one and only almighty righteous higher power and satan himslelf,the instantaneouse thought that bulldozes itself through the cerebral cortex is one of abject disgust, self loathing, a complete and utter degredation of the known universe and or potential suicidal thoughts. When every single person unlucky enought to share personal space with your breath searing and destroying their nasal cavities thinks....holy crap batman....the breath of that individual is a pristine example of toledo....and I'm not speaking of the city in Ohio....!!!!!
Josue: "cough...cough....gag...gag....barf...barf....jusus christ jose...your breath reeks as if you have been injesting burning garbage, raw feces, used tires and recently deceased newborn my compadre and all.....but yo breath makes toledo look like a fresh egg roll from p.f. chang's...damn bitch...maybe you should gargle with some jp-5......perhaps jet fuel will get the skank out of yo mouth...."!!!!!
by Grande John January 16, 2009
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