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repeating the same sequence of events without getting the expected desired results
repeatedly using the number pad for entering numbers when the numlock light is off OR if something is not plugged in unbeknownst to you, you keep hitting it thinking it's not working
by Craque June 10, 2005
1. The most useless key on a computer keyboard.

2. The most useless fucktard at any given moment.
"err, i think i just told your girlfriend about you and that chick last week."

"nice one, you fuckin numlock".
by andy x September 16, 2009
The key situated at the top left of the NUMPAD Like capslock and scroll lock, it makes lights flash if one presses it too much.
Alt codes require the numlock to be on.
by Gumba Gumba April 08, 2004
Typically used for the autorun function on any online MMORPG, it is the gamer's equivalent to cruise control.
person 1: "Can you believe how far it is to the next town?"
person 2: "Nah its easy, just num lock and go grab a snack"
by NihilistX February 02, 2011
Derivative from "Dicklock" as made popular by Bubbles of the hit TV show "Trailer Park Boys".

A dick lock being someone who cant get laid. A numb lock is a nerd who cannot get laid and plays with the numlock key while Masturbating.
Q: Hey where's Simon ?

A: Oh that "Numlock" hes at home fapping off.
by DunkyHazard February 03, 2010
The event that no matter how hard you work on a problem or how educated and tutored you are, you just can't get the right answer.
Did you figure out the square root of 1 yet?
No, I've had numlock all week.
by Mark Shackelford April 27, 2007
The most useless button on your keyboard.
I got hungry and ate my numlock
by Joe in the his-ouse September 04, 2008
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