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12 definitions by nebiru100

an insufficiently fired house brick. (Australian or even earlier slang - taught to me by a depression-era bricklayer in Melbourne)
don't lay that one - it's a doughboy
by nebiru100 November 28, 2011
the change you have when revolting muslims replace a fundamentalist dictator with a fundamentalist government.
all this arab spring is changing is the guard.
by nebiru100 December 16, 2011
a term for words of mixed roots - such as reflexology - which in this case has both latin and greek roots
reflexology is an etynomaly
by nebiru100 December 11, 2011
averse to studying mathematics
Most people are NumLockers
by nebiru100 January 16, 2012
when a western person zealously converts to islam
jim's gone the whole tent
by nebiru100 January 16, 2012
the ONE movie you want to be buried with.
nev: hey rob, what's your double indemnity?
rob: hmmm - tough one - i think ozu's 1953 "tokyo story"
by nebiru100 December 23, 2011
some value, opinion etc that an INEXPERIENCED brain will usually hold.
jimboy won't like the movie "tokyo story" - it's a doughbrainer.
by nebiru100 December 23, 2011