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when you put cocaine in your mouth and it gets numb. usually after iicking a card or razor that was used to chalk up the lines.
hey, let me get a numbie off that cd case we used to bust
by alf December 20, 2003
The use of a small amount of cocaine on the gums and/or teeth, tongue, or lips to produce analgesia (numbness)
Do you want a numbie from this shit? It made my whole face numb!
by TheHazyJ September 30, 2009
Short for the word 'number' when referring to a joint, spliff, reefer, cannabis cigarette etc but can also refer just generally to marijuana.
Wrap up another little numbie bro, I wanna get blaaaaazed!!

Yo does anyone know where I can get some numbies?
by Poopy Pants McGavin August 29, 2010

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