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a shit so stinky that it is in a class all by its self
able to peel paint, kill flies, melt porcelain and make a shiter uninhabitable for hours after the H-bomb is dropped
man 1: is that your twenty in there by the toilet?
Man 2: What really let me see
man 1: (sucker)
man 2: what the hell you bastard did you drop a Hershey bomb on toliashima in here, what did you eat some road kill.
by notandrew September 18, 2007
Thigh/calf th-a-f
The processes in which your are so fat that your thighs grows in to your calf’s, swallowing your knee, not unlike a Kankle.
Your mom is so fat I romp her for ten minutes before I realized I was pounding her in her THALF
by notandrew September 17, 2007
The act of masturbation with a twist.
Step one: Sit on your hand till it falls asleep .
Step two: beat your meat or slap your slit.
That chick was so hot I think I need to go numby off.
by notandrew September 16, 2007
(1)when you have the shits so bad that the turd-el-wave splash the water out of the t-bowl
(2)The jet of water that shoots up your ass when you launch a rocket off in an airport bathroom.
dude I think I going to need a mop to clean up the SPLASH DOWN from dropping the Hershey bomb on toliashima
by notandrew September 18, 2007

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