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3 definitions by addict7

Really shitty weed that comes from Mexico or some other place like that. It's dehydrated and stored in kilo bricks for travel, and when the dealer hits you up he just breaks a chunk off and weighs it out. It is usually only 5-10% THC.
All the little goth kiddies here be smoking that brick weed, but we got some fire ass Mauwie Wowie green.

by addict7 September 10, 2006
173 94
Cocaine rubbed on the filter of a cigarette. Also if you pack the cigs right you can put some up in front of the tobacco.

Lets go get an eight ball and save a half gram for a pack of numby cigs.

by addict7 August 10, 2006
27 17
Multi-layered ecstasy pills. Commonly found at raves.
Wanna buy a triple-stack butterfly for $20?

Wanna parachute some stacks and roll for a few hours?
by addict7 June 27, 2006
151 277