a piece of chicken.
mmm nuggets.
by Nugget April 27, 2003
A chunk of weed smaller than a bud. Usually the amount required to get one nicely lit.
There's a hole in my bowl, can you plug it with a nugget?
by josh February 18, 2003
A piece of marijuana, usually a large piece. More generally, good pot.
Dude, where's my nugget?
That's a phatty nugget, bro!
by Ellis Ashbrook February 16, 2003
A chunk of valuable metal.
OR an idiot or buffoon, like howard or baz.
(After he decides he loves men):
You are a nugget Mike...
by Tom Scott February 12, 2003
a small morsel of fecal matter. not big enough to be a log.
man, i took a dump and i layed 3 logs and 6 nuggets. it hurt, but i feel better now.
by loki October 01, 2004
A person who has consumed enough drugs to become incapacitated or otherwise extremely stupid. Especially true if one has consumed large quantities of ketamine, or K.
"Alex is such a nugget."
by Binary Jay August 11, 2004
Aussie Slang: Usually describing a guy who may be tuff, resourceful, stoic or dependable. He may be a footballer, a mate, or colleague. He may even have no neck. Nuggety.
He's built like a nugget.

He's a nuggety sort of bloke.
by Axis Of Goodness July 10, 2004

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