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16 definitions by james savik

The state of rapture displayed by democrats and liberal pundits over the prospects of Barak Obama in the 2008 Presidential race.
Did you see the old hens on "the View" having Obama-gasms this morning? It was embarrassing.
by James Savik February 14, 2008
309 60
An enormous turd left in an unflushed toilet.
Oh my Gawd Shawn? Did you leave this lunker in the toilet? It's got to be at least 17 inches.
by James Savik October 02, 2006
112 39
1. a male dog the humps your leg
2. a young man with a powerful sex drive that will fuck anybody, anything, anytime, anywhere.
1. What could be more awkward than meeting your girlfriends parents with their damned leg hound humping and nutting on your shin.

2. Jesus Shawn! I can understand fucking an fag-hag like Jamie but did you have to fuck her buddy Travis too?
by James Savik October 01, 2006
87 27
A gay couple who are nice, sexless and nonthreatening. Typically they live in the suburbs, have an immaculate house and yard and don't scare the neighbors while they are in fact just as much a slave to heterosexual establishment as everyone else.
neighbor 1: Did you invite the Stepford Fags to the BBQ?

neighbor 2: Naw the wife did.

neighbor 1: Great! They can talk up the women while we put down a few beers.
by James Savik April 23, 2008
87 31
Academics who feel that anything found in the wikipedia is suspect because it wasn't written by a committe of fat-cat, overpaid, grant-hogging professors whose prusuit of pseudo science is endandering science funding everywhere.
Don: Don't cite the wikipedia in Dr. Patterson's class. He's such a wiki-snob that he will trash everything you have to say.

Ron: He's such a crappy teacher that the only way they can get anyone to sign up for his classes is to put "to be announced" on the instructor line of the schedule.
by James Savik March 30, 2008
70 14
Describes a flamboyant homosexuals manner and dress. Origin: 70's slang, South Eastern US.
Oh Jeff is queer as a football bat but he's so nice most people don't care.
by James Savik February 04, 2008
86 30
A young guy that is such a horn dog that he will try most anything sexual.
My buddy Shawn is a try-sexual: he fucked his girlfrind Mandy and her fag-hag buddy Travis.
by James Savik October 01, 2006
96 40