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2. The act squatting over an suspecting victim and placing one's scrotum in their oral orifice. The teabagged victim then awakens with a mouth full of pubic hair, not to mention two fatty nuts!
"HAHAHAHA Andy just got teabagged hardcore!"
"No way man!"
"Look, you can still see the pubes in his mouth!!"
by TimilDeeps November 02, 2003
When one wakes up after being teabagged and commences to floss his or her teeth with the pubic hairs left in his or her mouth.
After he was done pubic flossing, he coughed up a furball.
by TimilDeeps November 02, 2003
An acronym for an act carried out by an older male with a younger female, or in some cases an older male with a younger male.
"Dude, Jessica totally got BHI-ed by that senior!"

"I'd pay good money to BHI that prude-ass bitch."
by TimilDeeps October 21, 2003
When you drink several shots of Bacardi and the effects don't kick in until the next day, 12 hours later.
"Damn guys, when's this shit gonna start to kick in?"

--12 hours later--

by TimilDeeps October 22, 2003
Jon + pink rubber dildo + camera
We'll get some InstaGay shots at the next chubrock outing if jon comes.
by TimilDeeps February 28, 2004
Those annoying little shit pieces that cling to the hair surrounding your asshole and harden into chunks, making it extremely painful to do the splits.
"Wanna go digging for shit nuggets in the forest surrouding my asshole? Be my guest!"
by TimilDeeps October 22, 2003

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