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When a person's hair is so perfectly coiffed/gelled/hair-sprayed up that it stays in perfect position despite what you are doing. This is similar to Damian Lewis, who portrayed Richard Winters in Band of Brothers.
Dude have you noticed in band of brothers that Winer's hair never moves even after really intense battles?

Yea... Your hair is like that too. Its totally winterized.
by yii April 28, 2011
The act of inverting someone's backpack to annoy them. It is done while they are looking away. First, one must take out ALL of the person's belongings, then flip the backpack, put in the personal belongings, and zip up the bag.
As a twist, one can tie the two zippers together on the inside, thus making it difficult to open again.
Usually done in schools by the same people over and over again.
Can be used to insult someone.
There are common reactions to being nuggeted. One can classically overreact, possibly kicking, or otherwise throwing a tantrum. One can also take it in stride and get back at the nuggeter(s).

Granted, the people who get thrills out of this mundane activity are generally douchebags, but, it is still prevalent.
"This morning in gym we ran to the locker room while no one was looking and nuggeted half the classes bags, then Jimmy started trying to fight me"

"Lol, that is a total overreaction, I just get em back..."

"Are we douchebags??"

"Nah... Wait? Maybe..."

"All those times we've been nuggeting, why is it so damn funny??"

"I actually don't know...."

"What are we doing with our lives?!"
by yii May 18, 2009
Rugby short shorts: Possibly the most manly and bro article of clothing.
One can:
Swim in stubbies
Go to parties in stubbies
Dress in formal wear in stubbies
Play poker and win in stubbies
Lax it up in stubbies...


Stubbies are man pants.
"Lets play some Texas Hold 'Em this Friday."

"50$ buy in??"



by yii August 18, 2009
A college student, that, with his newly found independence, and his newly found distaste for meat on campus, becomes a vegetarian.
My parents forced me to eat meat, but now i'm a college vegetarian.

thats a shame. we were gonna let you come with us to dinner.

you suck.

by yii May 15, 2009
The act of being an ultimate bro. A professional is someone who has class, and gets the job done. A brofessional is someone who gets it done on a high level, mixed with the sweet smell of cologne, and a well treated Armani suit. No matter the occasion, well dressed, well groomed, and just the pinnacle of the worker.
Yo, hes gonna get a promotion just because hes such a brofessional.

For sure.
by yii August 28, 2009

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