1) a person who a bn
2)they also have a tendency to be obnoxious
urgh you're such a, you're such a NUGGET!
by moobabyy July 25, 2009
a black person
omg look at that nugget riding that bike.... i bet he stole it
by ricky and jonathan October 29, 2008
Someone who did something dumb or silly.
Haha John, what a nugget.
by Bobert777 February 11, 2008
Insane Clown Posse's word for "head"
It swung at me I felt a rip
my head went spinnin'
Flippin' and rollin
and finally landed in position
I could see my body, still standin
headless as fuck
It finally fell, but what the hell
still got my NUGGET but I'm stuck
by GemyniTwin July 21, 2005
Nugget=Breaded Chicken
Dude, nuggets are now 100% white meat at mcdonalds
by ALTOIDZboi March 05, 2004
Cajun French for "nudge it", to poke at roadkill with a sharp stick to see if it is alive or dead before taking it home for dinner.
Andre, alors...nugget, nugget le armadillo...des gumbo tres magnific!
by Percy Dovetonsils III August 03, 2003
a piece of chicken.
mmm nuggets.
by Nugget April 27, 2003
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