someone who act like a twat!
oi you dumbass, nugget!?
by me May 06, 2004
Glasgow patter for an idiot.
"what a f@ckin nugget"

"hie lavvy heid, you're a nugget"
by ned_basher December 25, 2003
A newly commissioned Naval Ensign, recognized by the prominently displayed shiny gold bars on his collar. Known for his/her eagerness, inexperience and folly.
We need someone to sign for all those missing 5"54 caliber white phosphorous shells...go get the nugget, Ensign Lemming.
by harry flashman July 20, 2003
Nose gold extracted digitally.
Yo, ain't eatin' that ain't washed yo hands sinced we went fishin'.
by megnao flimpis July 20, 2003
bloody kidney stone
Holy shit! I just pissed out a nugget.
by The nazi of Yatzee November 08, 2002
1) a person who a bn
2)they also have a tendency to be obnoxious
urgh you're such a, you're such a NUGGET!
by moobabyy July 25, 2009
1. A disenfranchised caucasian youth, usually within the age of 10-13 years; vastly unpopular; known for fail
2. An absolute scrub
3. A device worn around the waist and buttocks, to which a small protruding object resembling a gold nugget is attached at the groin area; commonly used by midgets during erotic foreplay
example1 - 'Let's move...I don't want to sit by that nugget.'
example2 - 'Somebody get this nugget ofF the team!'
example3 - 'Stick that nugget in there nice 'n deep...'
by crapsackage June 13, 2009

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