Form of Currancy in torbay (Solid Gold)Saves carrying bundles of small notes
24 carrot nugget the size of a whale
by Krissy that king June 21, 2003
An english £1 coin due to its resemblance to a lump of unrefined gold
"wicked, I just found a nugget down the back of the sofa!"
by Yacob February 05, 2003
a term commonly used by those classified in the 'muzza' category.
nugget meaning bad or something which is not liked

Tanya and Lauren the two people in the world who have difficulty understanding us.

"Man that vl is a nugget man, non turbo??...nugget"

"Your hair is nugget"
by chris2far May 04, 2008
Often used as an insult but also can describe a food
Liam, your a nugget.
Foley is a real nugget, he stole my lunch, I was having kajan nuggets.
I cant believe that nugget liam thought steddie eddie was a real person.
by Bob132 February 22, 2007
A person or living being that is retarted, can also mean stupid.
look at that nugget

arent you a little nugget
by Jimbob_24 April 19, 2006
The scrotum. Commonly used in reference to an indelibrate blow to the scrotum.
I smacked my nugget trying a triple-gainer off the high dive.

That mutha trucker nearly got my nugget with his pool cue.
by Lachland January 14, 2005
The item created when one takes another's backpack, dumps the books out, reverses it, refills the bag with the books, zips it up, and returns it to the place it once rested.
"Hey, where's my bag?"
Five minutes later...
"Seriously, did you guys move my bag?"
Ten minutes later...
"What the f*ck did you pricks do with my stuff?"
Twenty minutes later...
"Oh my God!! What the HELL!"

"Dude, it's the NUGGET!"
by Moto-X July 15, 2003

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