1. No problem
2. Neopoints (Points on a website called Neopets)
Bob- Thanks for the ice cream.
Sally- Np.

2. The tooth-faerie gave me 10000 np!
by Dorcas Meadowes July 11, 2005
Top Definition
no problem
<your_mom> thanks for that great fuck
<me> np
by jdm November 20, 2002
1. No problem
2. You're welcome
Pronunciation: en pee
Specific usage: Online IM/chat

Punter1 says: "Thanks for being my wingman last night"
Punter2 says: "np"
by JakeB January 04, 2006
short for 'no prob,' used widely in chatrooms or IMs after someone says 'Thx' (thank you)
by bastardized bottomburp March 23, 2003
no problem
person a: thanks for your help
person b: np
by me!!579 June 07, 2009
now playing, used to announce what music you are listening to in text-based chatrooms
<john> np: darude - sandstorm 128/mp3
* hipperboy is now playing ganstacrap - im tuff
by deice May 28, 2003
No Problem
"Thanks SOOO much"
by Z2tha3 August 01, 2009
no problem..:)
dude 1:aww thank yew for ur comment..
dude 2: np x]
by marshamallow mountin...<3 August 21, 2009
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