Term that lazy people use to say No problem.
(in-game chat)
-Thanks for helping me. I almost got killed by thin noob!
by ProDominik January 02, 2016
Nigga Please also for white people negro please. Used to express disbelief in a stament or action from someone or something. Mental rejection of something as untrue.
My friend text me last nite, talkin' bout he pulled two bitches in the club. I texted him back "NP"
by Daleskid April 28, 2013
1: Most commonly used as an acronym for the term 'no problem'.
2: Also can be used in the game Left 4 Dead in which it would stand for either no problem OR nice pounce, depending on the context of it's use.
"Thanks bro!"
"np man."

or in l4d

____ has pounced you for 25
You: shit... np man.
Hunter: ty
by Hunter000 September 27, 2009
1. No problem
2. Nipple play
2. Ad on craigslist: Horny bottom looking for hung top or tops to have fun with. I travel to you and we have some hot fun.

Looking from vanilla to wild, just ask if you want to do anything. Some things I might be interested bondage tag team tied filmed hood harness leather group dp np ff ass play

6ft 181lb smooth and slimbuild 27yo

Send stats pic and what your looking to get into.
by El filosofo February 01, 2015
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