1. No problem
2. Neopoints (Points on a website called Neopets)
Bob- Thanks for the ice cream.
Sally- Np.

2. The tooth-faerie gave me 10000 np!
by Dorcas Meadowes July 11, 2005
NP: Nintendo Play'a
We be the Nintendo Play'as crew! NP!
"Nintendo Play'as fo life"
To form the gang sign: On your left hand, use your thumb and pointer finger to make a lower case "n" from the side, while at the same time fold up your middle finger against your pointer finger to make a "P".
by Straff October 10, 2008
A caregiver who is a nurse practitioner
My health care provider isn't a doctor but an NP.
by Joe Lynn March 03, 2008
two letters that when said loud enough can make a room full of 30 people talking go completely silent
damn you people are loud........ .NP!!!!!
by Rabid Onion April 29, 2007
Np is used for North Philly
I am from np which is North philadelphia
by Kokes March 25, 2008
short for 'new pussy', a girl you have not previously banged. a discrete way of talking about banging new girls without giving it away. the object of many wagers between friends.
Bo is having a career year NP year, he's banged over 10 girls this year alone!
I bet you $200 I get NP before you do.
by TheHypeKid September 29, 2005
1) No penis.
2) Niggah please.
3) No pants.
1) Check out that guy, he's got NP.
2) NP! Don't gimme that shit!
3) Look at her, she's got NP.
by Quakeulf February 03, 2004

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