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Personal Digital Assistant, a small pocket size computer that usually runs calenders, phonebook, games etc. these days they even work as mobile phones, see smartphone. smaller than a laptop, bigger a mobile phone... often used with a "pen" or a mini-keyboard
i got a cool new phonebook for my PDA.
by deice May 27, 2003
a mobile phone which has computerlike software on it, these days resembles PDA's...
this new smartphone runs 239078 games and has a cool-colored backlight
by deice May 27, 2003
now playing, used to announce what music you are listening to in text-based chatrooms
<john> np: darude - sandstorm 128/mp3
* hipperboy is now playing ganstacrap - im tuff
by deice May 28, 2003
a wildcard in computer world is eg. *?

a * usually represents zero or more any characters, numbers etc, and a ? means any 1 character, number etc.
they're used to denote many files, or search for something (called glob searching)
*.exe for all exe files in some directory
*hotrod* to search for word hotrod anywhere in a doc
by deice May 28, 2003

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