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no problem
<your_mom> thanks for that great fuck
<me> np
by jdm November 20, 2002
good-bye; short for "later"
i'm takin' off -- lates, foo's!
by jdm November 21, 2002
very much so; in abundance
dogs love me cuz i'm crazy sniffable
by jdm November 20, 2002
good-bye; derived from the Nelsonian phrase "smell ya later"
Smell ya!
by jdm November 19, 2002
by jdm November 23, 2002
1. To agree with something someone has said or an idea.
"I think they should make Canada the 2nd New York."
by JDM March 06, 2006
having properties of or being related to detroit
this whiteboard has some serious detroitus
by jdm April 08, 2003

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