"Null Problemo", from an american tv show translated into german. An acronym commonly used by german-students and german talking people around the world
when Willie/Kate/Lynn/Brian tell him not to eat the cat, he might repy

1) An abbreviation for no problem
2) Nigga please

both used in chats/texts/emails...etc
a: son, thanks for the sam adams
b: np

a: yo at that party last night i fucked 3 bitches
b: NP!
by A.froman September 13, 2009
Nose picker
dude that kid is a total N.P., gross.


N.P. is at it again.
by suhbreenuh November 05, 2008
An exclusive group also know as the non-posers. Members are usually super fun and awesome, and they love to dance and party. To become a member a crazy task must be completed usually involving alchohol. The NPs are a fun but tight knit group that watches out for eachother.
Ah I wish I was a NP they have such a great time!
by NP!!!!!!! November 28, 2010
nigga please...

4 black pepole to use instead of whatever
Man 1: Nigga, i got chu

Man 2: np... u ain't bout to do shyt...
by adrian kilpat. July 05, 2009
Nipple Protrusion; when you can see an individual's erect nipples through their clothing, intentional or unintentional. Can be a result of sexual excitement/arousal or (un) favorable temperature.
Person 1: Dude, did you see that gal just walk by with all that NP?
Person 2: Yeah man, she needs to get a thicker bra or something!
by hot noodles May 30, 2013
1. A nudy pic usually sent with a cell phone.
Bitch send me an np you fucking whore!
by bladehadley March 11, 2010
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