nigga please...

4 black pepole to use instead of whatever
Man 1: Nigga, i got chu

Man 2: np... u ain't bout to do shyt...
by adrian kilpat. July 05, 2009
1. A nudy pic usually sent with a cell phone.
Bitch send me an np you fucking whore!
by bladehadley March 11, 2010
It means Nigga Please
1st guy: Can i have some of that candy bar?

2nd: Np
by lovette April 11, 2007
Computer Text talk for - No Problem
Rent Boy: Thanks for fucking me

Gay 6yr old : Np, ill be happy to do it again
by Chris1066 July 05, 2006
1. No problem
2. Neopoints (Points on a website called Neopets)
Bob- Thanks for the ice cream.
Sally- Np.

2. The tooth-faerie gave me 10000 np!
by Dorcas Meadowes July 11, 2005
NP: Nintendo Play'a
We be the Nintendo Play'as crew! NP!
"Nintendo Play'as fo life"
To form the gang sign: On your left hand, use your thumb and pointer finger to make a lower case "n" from the side, while at the same time fold up your middle finger against your pointer finger to make a "P".
by Straff October 10, 2008
A caregiver who is a nurse practitioner
My health care provider isn't a doctor but an NP.
by Joe Lynn March 03, 2008

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