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N. Used in place of the word nigga or nigger, often used by a white person and/or in the presence of black people.
"Yo, you know Zach Fisher?"
"Do I know him? Man, that kids my ninja"
by Fran Vinokur June 13, 2007
1.a language created for the purpose of communicating in class w/o words
2.the speaking version of the ninja language has words with multiple meanings.
3.no attempts to speak ninja should be made if proper usage is not known.
The ninja language is the perfect communication for school.

a:so how was checking your myspace last nite?
b:i couldnt my top friend was sick.
by nja8689 May 27, 2007
A Japanese word commonly mispronounced by Americans. See karaoke see karate
Ninja is pronounced Neen-Jah.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 19, 2005
Any of various warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Mammalia, including humans, characterized by a covering of hair on the skin and, in the female, milk-producing mammary glands for nourishing the young.
Ninjas are mammals.
by Donatello April 01, 2003
Someone who is a mistress to a man while he is in a relationship with another woman.
Yo, that is my ninja over there talking to my girlfriend.
by LaTrice October 04, 2006
a nice way to refer to a group of special "mentally challenged kids".
Damn bitch did you just see that group of ninjas?! they were running around all crazy and shit !I thought they were going to get lee my ass!
by Chelsea Mae April 10, 2005
a code name for saying nigger or nigga or anything racial for a african-americans.
Man, this ninja be trippin.

Look at that ninja gettin hyphy
by gnoix June 16, 2007