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A more tasteful substitute for "the N-word", used to show comraderie rather than feelings of racial inferiority.
Fight the power, you bitch-ass ninjaz!
by djxplicit April 19, 2005
a more appropriate substitute for the common greeting "my nigga." It can be used by anyone without that person having to worry about offending anyone due to cultural or racial reasons.
whats up my ninja?
#my nigga #friend #homie #dawg #ninja
by dermanatural May 10, 2009
An asian friend who sticks with you no matter how bad situations get. It's the asian version of "my nigga".
Hey hey! Long time no see my ninja!
#nigga #friend #partner #homie #pal
by MisterRickster October 30, 2011
Term of endearment to a friend. A salutation of sorts to friends.
What up my ninja!
Damn my ninja calm down.
#friend #hommie #buddy #compadre #pal
by Adeate January 19, 2011
Term of endearment from one person to another, usually of African American descent.
"What's up my Ninja?" The word Ninja replaces the word Nigga'.
by BIGIS February 04, 2005
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