Verb: To go somewhere, especially if one must leave a group of people to do so.
"Sorry guys, I have to ninja off to class now."

"Yeah, Sam and I ninja'd into town last night, we felt like some beers."
by Chishie August 11, 2006
(N.) A synonym for black people, due to the fact that:
1. They usually travel at night
2. They have the uncanny ability to steal things
3. They are black
4. They are impossible to see at night
1. Yo, dat ninja jus stoled my chicken box.

2. Son, that ninja's got the biggest meat.
by Tom Do September 22, 2007
a code word used by white males to describe ones race or personality. used to describe black teen males. used also to describe how one acts reguardless of race
jim bob: look at that dumb ninja over there with his pants falling off his ass.
by psycho02 August 20, 2007
For males, it means that they have a very small penis.
For females, it means that they have very saggy breasts and vaginas.
Jack: I can go on that roller coaster!
Jill: But that one has the restraints that hurt your 'ya kno wats'...
Jack: So? It doesn't hurt me!
by The Creators July 25, 2008
N. Used in place of the word nigga or nigger, often used by a white person and/or in the presence of black people.
"Yo, you know Zach Fisher?"
"Do I know him? Man, that kids my ninja"
by Fran Vinokur June 13, 2007
past tense: ninjad
-to steal, to heist
Did you buy or ninja those?
I ninjad these shoes yesterday.
by Brittaneyy March 11, 2006
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